About Missing Peace

Our Mission:

Creating inclusive space for diverse believers to actively participate in their spiritual evolution through a variety of intellectual engagements, physical activities, spiritual practices, and serving opportunities.

Missing Peace was started in August of 2015. A group of 4 friends, who had been gathering weekly to engage in meaningful conversation and connection, identified something missing in our community. There is a desire to do good and be good and grow ourselves spiritually, but for people who don’t feel comfortable or welcome in existing church structures, where do we go? Additionally, we have very busy schedules and find it difficult to create more time to serve our communities, and if we have kids…its even harder! So we began dreaming of what that could look like, when it could happen, how it would work. The product of that discernment is Missing Peace.

Missing Peace is a spiritual community that engages in physical activities, cerebral engagements, spiritual practices, and serving opportunities. We meet Sunday mornings at 10:30am, and all of our activities have offerings for all ages. We think its important for kids, adults, seniors, everyone to nourish themselves through serving, spiritual practices, thinking critically and physical activities together. This is community. Living into the fullness of who we are as people, as children of the divine, making meaningful bonds with each other and seeking the way, truth and life.

Since our founding, we have gathered nearly 400 people into creative spaces for seeking and experiencing God and relationship. We have served all over our community with Family Renew, Salvation Army, HUM, and others. We’ve learned and discussed at MOAS, Bailey Riverbridge Park, with ERAU professors, and neighborhood club houses. We’ve nurtured our spirit through prayer, meditation, labyrinth walks, and yoga to name a few. And we’ve experienced great joy through kick ball, wiffle ball, Salty Fit, paddle boarding, flag football and more.

Together, we are learning that no matter how our life looks from the outside, whether we are successful or struggling, confident or doubtful, atheist or believer or anywhere in between, we all need more peace. For that reason we seek and serve, for the good of ourselves, our families, our community and our world.

Our Vision:

To be and continue becoming, an open and welcoming nomadic, spiritual community for diverse believers to explore and connect with the divine and each other.

Follow us on facebook, youtube or instagram or sign up for our newsletter or text PEACE to 33222 to stay in on the latest with the Missing Peace.

A few thoughts from those who gather…

On Family…

On Staying Connected…

Brittnee’s Story…

Community Statement:

We are here as a community of families and friends gathered in response to an urging from beyond ourselves. We acknowledge that God (a name for the source of all good, love and peace attested to in the scriptures) is at work in this beautiful and broken world and we are committed to joining in that work. We have found that no matter how our life looks from the outside, whether we are Christian or agnostic, whether we are successful or struggling, whether we are confident or doubtful, or anywhere in between, we all need more peace. For that reason, we seek. We seek to know who we are in light of a God who loves us and this broken and fearful world. We seek to understand the message of Jesus meant not for Christianity but for all humanity. We seek the way, truth and life, partnered with the Spirit for the good of ourselves, our families, our community and our world.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. I am very interested in what you are doing! My name is Bill Alderson and would like to know more.


    1. Wonderful Bill! I encourage you to follow us on Facebook for more info. Also, feel free to email with any specific questions ormondsmissingpeace@gmail.com


    2. Brittnee says:

      Feel free to join us anytime, Bill. We’d love to meet you and show you what we’re all about. It’s a great group of people!


  2. Susan Sapp says:

    what is your church email address? Susan Sapp, Administrative Assistant at First Presbyterian Church of Leesburg, FL


  3. Peggy Fleming says:

    I am interested in coming one Sunday to a gathering. How can I find out where to go on any given,Sunday?


    1. Hello. The best place to see where we will be meeting is Facebook or right here on the website. As we are nomadic, the location changes often. Next up for us is 9/8 at 10:30 am at Bailey Riverbridge House locates a t 1 N Beach street in ormond. I’m happy to answer any other questions you may have.


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