Poetry 11/11 @1030a

Sunday, November 11th, will be a cerebral engagement at Missing Peace. This is an opportunity to think critically and engage our minds with important questions about the divine, what it means to be human, and who we want to be in the world.

This week we welcome Dr. Lex Baer who will help us explore the world of poetry. What good is poetry in a technological age? Does it have to rhyme? And what is iambic pentameter and who could possibly care?

If you have a favorite (brief-ish) poem or two, please bring them. We’d like to spend part of our time savoring some favorites. We’ll also spend a few minutes to let the spirit help us put a few words on our own paper (no sharing required).

The Missing Peace has a rotation of physical activities, spiritual practices, cerebral engagements, and serving opportunities in an effort to connect with each other and the divine in meaningful and intentional ways.

Suggested donation: $10. (https://ormondsmissingpeace.com/donate/ or text SUPPORT to 33222)

Location: Bailey Riverbridge House, 1 N. Beach St, Ormond Beach, FL 32174

Questions: ormondsmissingpeace@gmail.com

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