All Ages Surfing 9/2 @1030

Sunday, September2nd will be a physical activity at Missing Peace. This is an opportunity to have fun, move our bodies, and connect with the divine and each other recognizing the overlap of physical and spiritual self.

This week we will gather at Tom Renick Park with Molli Miller of Molli Miller Surf School for an exploration of surfing together. Molli brings her exceptional teaching skills and a wealth of experience. If you have a board, bring it. We will have some available as well. And be sure to sign the waiver!! For those interested, we can gather at a nearby pool afterwards for lunch and swimming!

The Missing Peace has a rotation of physical activities, spiritual practices, cerebral engagements, and serving opportunities in an effort to connect with each other and the divine in meaningful and intentional ways.

Suggested donation: $10. ( or text SUPPORT to 33222)

Location: Tom Renick Park, 1565 Oceanshore Blvd, Ormond Beach FL 32176


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