Creating Community Series Part 6 of 6 To Infinity & Beyond 2/24 @1030a

Missing Peace is embarking on a six week journey diving into our past, present, and future identity. The explorations and exercises of this journey will be useful for both the communal and individual visioning process. Who are we? Where are we going? Does any of it matter?

If you’re interested in your personal development and the development of this community we are building together, make these next 6 Sundays a priority and let’s journey together.

Want to know more about Missing Peace? Go to or text PEACE to 33222 for event updates.

Location: Bailey Riverbridge House, 1 N. Beach St, Ormond Beach, FL 32174


1/20 – Where we’ve been with Ben Collins. The arch of history and an introduction to our process.

1/27 – Strengths Finder – What are the gifts we bring? What other resources do we have?

2/3 – If we are the body – How do our gifts work together? What role can we take in the team/community? What do I feel called to do?

2/10 – What is our core? What are the core values and pillars of Missing Peace? What is most important and what is secondary and tertiary? What is necessary to still be Missing Peace?

2/17 – What about commitment? Do we want to do this thing together? Do we have what we need to do it? Do you feel called to use your gifts to breathe life into this community?

2/24 – To infinity and beyond! What does the next 3 months look like? When do we meet? Where? Time? All the new ideas

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