Photograthon 6/29 @5p

You may not know this, but you have been training for this race for a while now. Everyone today is a phone photographer and here’s your chance to show off your skills and have a ton of fun in the process. Over the course of three hours, you and your team will travel around town to stage pictures. These pictures will have a base point score and several ways to increase the points awarded. You decide what pictures to take and how many extra points you are going to add to the picture. Then the finished photo will be posted to Facebook and you will tag Missing Peace in it to ensure we get it. The judges will instantly see the photos and render judgement. Your score will be posted in the comments, and we will occasionally post the current team standings during the event. The “finish line” is Fortunato park (where we started). It is located on the northeast corner of the Granada bridge. The whole group can enjoy the sunset and some light snacks while the trophy is awarded. Complete set of rules below. Failure to comply can result in disqualification. Tickets $20 per team

All proceeds will be going to local community organizations.

*** In order to participate one member of your team must have a Facebook account***

The race begins at 5 but teams will arrive at Fortunato Park at 4:30 for clue packets and and questions


Teams are up to 6 people, who must ride in the same car and stay together throughout the race.

Each entry photo must have at least one teammate in it to count

Each picture has a base point value and several ways to increase its overall point total. You are welcome & encouraged to use as many as you can fit in the picture

In order to be judged, pictures will be posted to Facebook and you will tag Missing Peace (@ormondsmissingpeace)in the photo with no explanation. You can answer questions in the comments.

Out of the box thinking is not only allowed, it can be rewarded as each photo has an additional 25 points that may be rewarded for creativity or excellence at the judges discretion*

The judges decisions are FINAL. Once a picture is given points, they cannot be changed.

You may not trespass, break the law, break any rules or take and use a picture without that person’s consent. (There will be a way to indicate this when needed)

On that, some pictures ask you to get a non team member involved. If that’s the case, there will be requirements for them to show they consent to their picture being used for example raise one hand in the picture.

Don’t do anything dangerous!

Be polite and have fun

Reminder this is a test of your creativity. These photographs are staged but candid looking shots. You are allowed to think outside the box. In fact it’s encouraged! Example, if you are to take a picture of a teammate milking a cow it can be a stuffed animal cow you are pretending to milk or you could milk a cow statue. Or if you own a dairy farm you can be literal 🙂

*these points will consider anything that takes the picture over the top: facial expressions, costumes, how public your spectacle, how interactive with the community you were and anything that makes your picture stand out.*

Tickets $20 per team

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