Mindful Sunday 11/24

Sometimes the most valuable place for your spirit to be is with your family. Without obligations or rituals or rules. Just be together. But might there be ways to be more mindful in that time…to emphasize and highlight the connectedness, love and peace we find from just being together with those we love.Anything you are planning on doing with your loved ones this Sunday can be made mindful. In the past we have suggested forest bathing, yoga, walking a labyrinth, gardening or even surfing has space to add a deeper component.Looking for some context to frame these experiences?

Check out these short videos.

Gardening https://youtu.be/284gLU0r0xU

Forest Bathing https://youtu.be/-Y-EohRyk5g

Labyrinth Walk https://youtu.be/ItmB489xH0A

Surfing https://youtu.be/VYNrMsNBvqQ

Yoga https://youtu.be/NmVDs_kvWL4

Or some framework for all Mindful Sundays https://youtu.be/X_DUpwGpGugAnd

Please post pictures of what you did and help spark some fresh ideas for mindful time in others.It is choose your own adventure, at your own pace, opportunity for spirituality. Enjoy!

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