August Newsletter

Hey friends,

Here we go, launching into Fall. Normally we would be having all kinds of events, sending kids off to school, and planning for the months ahead. But that’s not guaranteed this year…strange times continue. 

That said, we are doing our best to find safe ways to connect. In that vein, we will continue to produce online content for you, host our Friday Formations spiritual formation group, and are introducing Second Sunday Sunrise where we will gather (distanced and outside) at the beach for a devotional time as the new day is born. 

We wil continue to innovate and create virtually, and in person in safe ways. To get the most up to date info, sign up for text alerts or follow us on facebook (links below).

I hope you are staying safe and sane, and that Missing Peace offerings are playing a part in that. Don’t hesitate to reach out. Let us know how you are, and we’ll do the same. 

Katy Steinberg

P.S.  I’m releasing a book called Pink Haired Mermaid Baby Jesus about this grand experiment in faith we call Missing Peace. Before its official release on Amazon, the chapters will be released weekly on Facebook. Read the Preface Here if you’d like to follow along. 



In these strange times, we hope that you are finding ways to connect, and we hope we can be a part of that. Please join us on facebookyoutubeinstagramtwitter and by our text alerts (text PEACE to 33222) so that we can stay connected. And don’t hesitate to reach out and say hello. Until next time, grace and peace friends. 


Get text alerts: text PEACE to 33222

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