December newsletter

Hey friends,

More big news for Missing Peace. Here’s some updates…

1. Podcast. The first episode of the Boss Lady podcast featuring the new Missing Peace segment drops on Thanksgiving Day. Listen HERE. As a reminder, this spot has been gifted to us through Teresa Rand Consulting and Central Florida Presbytery for a 10 month trial. At that time we will decide whether to continue or to spin off into an independent cast. Thanks for your support for this effort. 

2. Advent. We were awarded a  grant for Advent at Home materials! If you would like to receive a weekly letter from me with an advent meditation and candle lighting, please reply with your email or physical address. . 

3. Christmas Eve. Check your email (if you haven’t already) for your part of our Virtual Nativity or email us if you want a part. Please record yourself reading, acting, or reenacting your piece of the nativity, and we will edit them all together for our special Zoom Candlelight Christmas Eve ( service. We need your video by 12/14

4. Christmas Generosity. We are supporting Countryside Lakes assisted living facility in Port Orange this Christmas. Please remember to send over letters, emails, pictures and videos, as well as shop their Amazon Wish List so we can share some love with some folks feeling isolated. More info HERE

5. Financial Update. Despite these strange times, God continues to provide. I have been offered another contract position with the PCUSA to develop a new program for the next 3 months. I will not take a pay check from Missing Peace in that time, but will continue to receive benefits. We will continue to come up with creative ways to be a distanced community, and produce online content, and humbly ask your support in doing so. Please click here to support Missing Peace financially. 

Whew! A lot to update on. So, so grateful for this community of people. You truly give me hope for the world.

Until we meet again…

Rev. Katy Steinberg

P.S.  My book is out! It’s called Pink Haired Mermaid Baby Jesus and is about this grand experiment in faith we call Missing Peace. Get a copy on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ashley says:

    Hello! I would love some advent materials:

    Loved your podcast with Teresa! I look forward to learning more about this faith community.



    1. Just sent you an email. Thanks for reaching out!


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