Joy is Everywhere

Missing Peace is about spiritual exploration.. Its about finding God in everything because we believe everything is spiritual. Each of the places where we feel called, where we feel joy, where we feel gifted are the unique ways we connect with the divine. This is how we become ever more into the image of God, our divine heritage, our full self.

In these strange CoVid times, Missing Peace continues to bring a message of hope and peace. We see it in nature. We see it in social justice. We see it in our families and friends, however we connect. We aim to share that message in our online outlets of facebook, youtube, twitter and instagram, as well as by sharing the sunrise together in person or facebook live.

We know this time will force us to change and shift, but also believe that makes space to grow. We will continue to create connection and content that eases the anxiety of this change and growth, and also aims to nourish the divine essence in each of us. Stay tuned for more opportunities to connect.




Twitter @ormmissingpeace



Text Alerts: Text PEACE to 33222

Mailbox: 226 N. Nova Rd #358, Ormond Beach, FL 32174

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