Choose A Worthy Cause!

Missing Peace is committed to giving to our community. Normally, we would do this by making financial contributions alongside our hands on projects. With the strangeness of 2020, we find ourselves with $4,000 left to give away! What a great problem to have!

We want your input on where we give these funds. Make a donation to one of the organizations on this list, and comment with “I donated to ________.”  On March 1st, we’ll select 4 organizations based on your votes to receive a $1,000 gift. 

Donate as many times as you like! Each donation of any amount enters your charity again. These worthy organizations will receive your contributions along the way and a chance at a big gift at the end! Win win!

2nd Harvest food bank of Volusia County

Community Partnership for Children

Family Renew

Habitat for Humanity

Halifax Urban Ministries

Jerry Doliner Food Bank


Provision Packs

Salvation Army

The Chiles Academy

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