The Missing Peace is part of the PCUSA 1001 Worshiping Communities as part of their vision of igniting a movement for new expressions of church.

To that end, the Missing Peace will be exploring life and faith through physical, spiritual, cerebral,  and service oriented explorations put together with discussion.

Follow us here, on facebook, youtube or our smart phone app to stay in on the latest with the Missing Peace.

The facilitator of the Missing Peace is Rev. Katy Cuthill Steinberg MDiv.  Katy is an ordained Presbyterian Pastor and graduate of The University of Dubuque Theological Seminary and Columbia Theological Seminary.  She has long felt called to serve God and neighbor, and with the Missing Peace now understands that to be through unique forms of all inclusive worship.  She hopes you’ll join us one Sunday and see what the Missing Peace is all about!

Community Statement:

We are here as a community of families and friends gathered in response to an urging from beyond ourselves. We acknowledge that God (a name for the source of all good, love and peace attested to in the scriptures) is at work in this beautiful and broken world and we are committed to joining in that work. We have found that no matter how our life looks from the outside, whether we are Christian or agnostic, whether we are successful or struggling, whether we are confident or doubtful, or anywhere in between, we all need more peace. For that reason, we seek. We seek to know who we are in light of a God who loves us and this broken and fearful world. We seek to understand the message of Jesus meant not for Christianity but for all humanity. We seek the way, truth and life, partnered with the Spirit for the good of ourselves, our families, our community and our world.


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