Mindful Sundays

Mindful. It’s a big buzz word right now. And, you’d likely find a lot of varying descriptions on what exactly mindful is. At its simplest, being mindful is just to be aware of something. Sounds easy enough, but how often do we do it?

In the age of social media, constant connection through our phones, remote work that can mean working all the time, and if you’re lucky enough to add kids to the equation, a moment to pause, think and breathe is rare. A moment of awareness is just all too rare.

In recognizing this Missing Peace is starting Mindful Sundays. Mindful Sundays intend to give you some starters, ideas, suggestions for how to embrace a mindfulness that has become so scarce. These suggestions will include a suggested experience to heighten mindfulness – forest bathing, walking a labyrinth, yoga, etc – and a brief video message to help frame your experience. There is no particular order, time, or place in which Mindful Sundays must be done, but for your engagement on your time.

The busyness of this life means that capturing precious awareness is difficult, and to do it in an intentional way with people you care about even more so. Mindful Sundays is an invitation to carve out that sacred time when and where it works for you. We hope it brings peace, hope, health, and a centeredness you can carry with you through out the week.

For short videos to frame your experiences or just for some inspiration, check out the following playlists:

Intellectual Discussions on God

Finding God Through Physical Activities

The Spiritual Act of Serving

Mindful Sunday Suggestions

Spiritual Practices

Craving community? Missing Peace also hosts gatherings for people who’d like to have these experiences in community. Check out our facebook page or website for more information. Or text PEACE to 33222 for a weekly update on where we are and what we’re doing.

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