While I write every week as a part of my work for Missing Peace, here are a few of the items that have been published elsewhere. For a selection of sermon writing, click here or watch them on the Missing Peace Community YouTube channel.


New Church New Way, Enewsletter for 1001 Worshiping Communities, 2015 October, Spotlight Story, “Missing Peace”

Inspiring Worshiping Communities Missional Practices for 2016 General Assembly, 2016 June, “Flexibility”

Fidelia’s Magazine, Magazine for The Young Clergy Women Project,   2016 December, “Finding the Missing Peace”

Presbyterian New Service, 2017 January, “Meeting space – or lack there of – key to Missing Peace”

7 Spiritual Sites in Ormond Beach, 2017 August, released on Facebook and reaching over 8,000 people. Read it here.